Fancy Engagement Rings Crowned with Opulent Birthstones? Why Not?

Since ancient times, people have held a special fascination for birthstones and what these gems represent. Ranging from the semi-precious (e.g. lapis lazuli and peridot) to the ultra-precious (think diamonds and emerald), there’s a birthstone associated with every month of the year. Each birthstone is believed to bring good fortune and protect the wearer from various ills.

The four types of birthstone lists
There is more than one birthstone list for each month. In fact, there are four: Traditional, Alternative, Mystical and Ayurvedic. Both the Traditional and Alternative birthstone lists were compiled by U.K.’s very own National Association of Goldsmiths. The Mystical list is loosely based on a 1,000 year old Tibetan manuscript, whilst the Ayurvedic list draws from Indian philosophy and medicine dating back to ancient India, around 1,500 B.C.


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