Jewellers in Reading Illustrated History of the House of Bulgari

For more than a century, jewellery from the House of Bulgari have been distinguished for its colour, texture, and romantic appeal. What started as a small jewellery shop in Rome has grown into an esteemed manufacturer of dazzling pieces and haute creations that sent even Hollywood celebrities into a frenzy. As it turns another year older, the House of Bulgari continues to produce the finest pieces of jewellery and timepieces for everyone.

Humble Beginnings

The marks of craftsmanship that distinguished Bulgari from other jewellery brands are often attributed to its Greek ancestral roots, with the Voulgaris family of silversmiths specialising in the creation of Byzantine-style art pieces. Originating from a small village in the Pindus mountain range, the Voulgaris family were all adept in making different silver crafts, including earrings and belts. This inherent skill was eventually passed to Sotirio, who happened to be an entrepreneur himself.


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