Reading Jewellery Shops Offer A Guide on Aquamarine’s Inclusions

Precious gemstones like aquamarine are often valued on their identifying characteristics. As with diamonds, one of aquamarine’s most important factors is clarity. That isn’t to say, however, that inclusions often found in these gems are not a welcome sight. In fact, inclusions are one of its most interesting and most common occurring features. One just needs to learn about aquamarine’s inclusions before visiting Reading jewellery shops to realise what is worthy of collector’s attention.


Aquamarines that are usually cut and faceted are eye-clean. The term eye-clean means that the gem appears to be free of inclusions when viewed in daylight by the naked eye at a relatively short distance. It is, however, almost impossible to find an aquamarine with no inclusions whatsoever as it is often a defining feature. Eye-clean aquamarine are typically used as a centrepiece for jewellery.


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