More Facts and Myths about Emerald in Reading Jewellery Shops

The long-standing belief is that gemstones do more than just accentuate and beautify a jewellery piece, but that it also has significant healing powers, and is a conduit of spiritual energy. In fact, there are some people that ask about the lore and beliefs behind it when they go into a jewellery shop in Reading and elsewhere.

Here are some highlights for you:

Sparkling History

As myth would have it—Indian, in particular—emerald means “the green of growing things”, which is derived from the Sanskrit term “marakata.” The Persians, however, have a different version of it, which is derived from the Latin “smaragdus”. Conflicting nominal origins though they may be, the sure thing is that somehow, these ancient names eventually evolved into the “emerald” that we know today.


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