Cartier: Making the Shift from Exquisite Jewellery to Haute Horlogerie

Much has been said about the Cartier jewellery and watch brand, including the maison and its influence. It’s not surprising, though, as the brand has been the favourite among the crowned heads of Europe, and even earning the distinction of “King of Jewellers, Jewellers of Kings”. Undoubtedly, the Cartier brand is among the first names that would come to mind when the term haute joaillerie, or the fine art of jewellery-making, is mentioned.

Unknown to many, however, Cartier is also an esteemed brand when it comes to haute horlogerie, or the high art of watch making.

The First Wristwatch

Louis-Francois Cartier founded the brand in 1847, and it didn’t take long for it to become a benchmark when it comes to watch making. It was in 1888 when the first ladies’ jewelled watch appeared, though Cartier was creating timepieces for European royalties as early as 1856.


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