Engagement Ring Ideas: Check Out These Ruby Stunners Worn by Celebrities


Modern weddings are beginning to do away with traditional customs and elements, and are unafraid to explore with new and unconventional ideas. For instance, modern brides are now favouring coloured gemstones over the old-fashioned diamonds for their engagement rings.

True, diamonds have that timeless appeal. Others, however, are put off by its hefty price tag and its classic look. Coloured gemstones, however, offer that remarkable sparkle for an affordable price. It also gives the bride-to-be a chance to integrate her personality and fashion preferences into the engagement ring.

This clamour for coloured gemstones also resulted in a wider variety of choices. Among the different gemstones adorning engagement rings, rubies are among the most popular. After all, the July birthstone has a rich and romantic colour that perfectly encapsulates passion and affection to a loved one. In fact, even these Hollywood celebrities have been flaunting their ruby sparklers given by their loving fiancés. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2vAhacs


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